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Western Media Portraying a Tarnished Image of the Muslim Women

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The Western media has painted a specific ugly image of a Muslim marriage, as follows:  A young Muslim woman, who’s crying her heart out, is being suddenly and forcefully declared a spouse to an ugly, old man who is most probably rich too. Her parents take a handsome amount of money and the woman becomes the old man’s personal property.

While cases like this one occurs in extremely rare occasions, we definitely can’t say that this is the norm in Muslim societies. The truth is, Muslim women aren’t forced to get married to someone they don’t enjoy, so the “crying” variable here is rejected by all means in Islam. In other words, unless the bride is happy, she has the right to say no. The evidence is when Prophet Muhammad (May thepeace and blessings of Allah be upon him) agreed to the divorce of a spouse who didn’t like her husband, and please notice that the word “like” here.


Latest statistics have shown that cases of Muslim women who get married under the age of 16 are approximately 10%. It means that this isn’t the ordinary age women in Islam get married at. It, too, suggests that these women could be 13 years to 16 years old and not necessarily 9 or 10. Naturally, all these women have attained their puberty, so that they are marriageable and union won’t deprive them of their youth.

Mercifully, Islam doesn’t specify a particular age for men or girls to get married at. I will tell you why this is deemed optimal winner: firstly, because individuals are different, therefore, not all of them reach adolescence at exactly the exact same age. If a girl at age 13 or 14, who’s already attained maturity, and would like to get married while Islam only allows marriage at age 16, then she would be oppressed. Recklessly, she could resort to illegal affairs which contribute to endless problems, like an early pregnancy, emotional troubles and what’s more, disobeying Allah. Unfortunately, this issue is somewhat well known in Western countries like the USA. Although, there, it’s deemed shocking, some young people commit this error as marriage at young age isn’t encouraged.

So, Islam has endowed us with the freedom of getting married in any age we see as appropriate according to the physical and social conditions, be it 10 or even 50! What’s certain here is that this freedom protects young people from illegal affairs, helps them to be self-dependent, while at exactly the exact same time protects society from moral degradation and kids not knowing their fathers.

Occasionally, marriage in Islam could be misunderstood by many non-Muslims. The media portrays a bad picture like young Muslim women are being forced to marry anybody in exchange of a rich amount of money to the parents. That’s simply not true in any respect.