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Suicide rate in the Speed is Always increasing day by Day and it has been estimated and reported by World Health Organization that after every 20 second somebody in the world committed suicide that’s horrible to hear that information in this era so according to this ratio one million people every year committed suicide every year.

Therefore according to research that in next six decades that this ratio is been Increased by 50 percent more than that of this so it’s an alarming and wonderful stage and scenario for the planet but the queries are here that what are the primary reason and factors of suicide within this fast era of technologies and after many research it has been determined that reasons and factors for commits suicide are well established, such as psychological illness and chemical abuse, others, such as financial hardship, are now more firmly entering into the dialogue as fully valid reasons, independent of psychological illness and poverty and rape also main of all.


Slovenia is a small country in this planet with inhabitants is about two Million just but it is shocking to see this country in this list due to so much little population so suicide per year in this country is all about 4oo that is also dropped from 600 annually so suicide rate in this country is currently 21.8 of 10,000 people therefore this nation has sufficient suicide rate that’s the reason why put on fifth rank in this list. It is been noted that most of suicides in this country are due to lot of alcohol consumption so because of this factor Government of this country took measures in this manner that 12 percent of suicide less than that of earlier as which was because of steps against alcohol.


Kazakhstan is also confronting serious difficulty of suicide in country and According to reports that about 3 percent of the total suicides from the world attempted in this country per year and also most shocking and tragic condition is that this ratio of suicide is mainly more in young people of this country. There is also a famous game character named as fairy tail 4k wallpaper. So this nation has also greatest ratio of suicide in girls between ages of 14 to 19 years and next rank exactly the same era boys so in this new century suicide rate in young men and women in this country increased 23 % greater than that of preceding so main problem of the nation that has to be solved with their government is to reduce suicide ratio in teenagers so suicide rate in this nation is all about 25.6 of 10,000 individuals.


Guyana is a significant area of Caribbean area as It’s continuously in This listing of the majority of suicide nations of the world as murder rate and crimes are even more in this country so Government of this country has is now facing some critical difficulty like these. So ratio of suicide in this country is more in men who poison themselves and take weed killers so unemployment and poverty is primary variables of suicides in this state as all men which don’t find occupation also involved in legislation violence and other crimes and also consumption of alcohol can also be major factor of suicide in this country and suicide ratio of this nation is about 26.4 of 10,000 individuals so the government is currently facing some critical challenges.


South Korea can be afflicted by this problem of suicide because it surprise To see this nation and also highest ratio of suicide in this country which is about 28.1 of 10,000 individuals and placed on second place in this respect. According to reports this ratio is 12 % less than this of year 2012 and The most frequent methods of suicide were either hanging or toxin, while mental duress, bodily pain, economic hardship and behavioral problems were the top causes, in that order. So primary factor in almost all countries is poverty and unemployment so Government of this country is working on this matter and according to reports suicide is much more in older inhabitants of the nation than that of young old 60 to 75 decades.


Lithuania is top is this list with most suicide rate in this planet but the Major aspects in this country of greatest suicide rate is economic crisis Consequently unemployment is also more in this country that is also main factor. Are jobless and hopeless then they have nothing but to suicide consequently many Economic crisis also raised suicide rate in this country and this nation is Constant in this list for many year as suicide rate in this country is all about 31 people per 10,000 that is tragic therefore included in this list.