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Learn What to Suffice and What to Avoid on the Slemn Day of Good Friday 2017

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Good Friday 2017 or also called as the “Holy Friday” is the darkest day in the Christian history. It is celebrated on the Friday right before the Easter Sunday when Christ’s resurrection is celebrated. On this day Jesus Christ was betrayed by one of his disciples and layer wrongly crucified. The Christ gave up his life for our sins. On a Good Friday there are numerous historical conventions that are followed along with the things that Christians all over the world avoid doing. We have compiled a list of some do’s and don’ts for Good Friday 2017.

Significance of Good Friday:

Friday, April 14th is going to be Good Friday 2017 this year. It is among the most paramount holidays to be found on the Christian’s calendar. It is a day commemorating the Jesus Christ’s crucifixion and his demise at Calvary. What all the details we have from the Canonical gospels, it is most likely to be believed that the Christ was crucified on a Friday, just a day prior to Sabbath.

For the whole Christianity, it is the sad and dark day and numerous orthodox Catholic families observe quite some rituals to repent and honour the certitude that Jesus Christ crossed the great divide for us.

In the Honour of Good Friday 2017:

Here are some things to abide by in the respect of this day:

  1. Since it is the day of lamentation and sorrow, silence should be generally prevalent with least socializing.
  2. Orthodox Catholics tend to dress up in black, as a symbol of mourning.
  3. Mirrors are also draped with candles extinguished along with any lamp burning next to icons.
  4. The hours from Noon to 3 p.m. on the day are considered the sacred most since the Christ spent these on the Cross. are considered the most sacred of all.
  5. During these hours it is advisable to draw your curtains, disconnect your phone off the hook, switch off any media device and hush your surroundings and yourself to be able feel the passion of Christ at that time.