Dangers of Inhaling Smoke for a Human Being

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It is not a nice feeling if there is smoke around you unless you smoke cigarettes or other such items and there is that kind of smoke around you. However, even then, there is a limit to which you can tolerate smoke coming at you. At a certain point, you would be fed up with it. And this all ignoring the fact that inhaling smoke is inherently bad for a human body no matter how much you enjoy certain flavors or certain aspects of it.

Dangers of Inhaling Smoke for a Human Being

Smoke can be from a fire, from cigarettes, tobacco and other objects, from motor vehicles, from burning of chemicals and gases in warehouses or factories. The point is you should be trying to protect yourself from it.

In this article, we will try to dissect some of the dangers that inhaling smoke can inflict to a person. Some are mild, some are severe, some become severe under prolonged influence, but one thing is for sure, all of them are bad. That is why you must also have some sort of smoke protection and smoke ventilation system in place. The best to achieve that is to have a residential or commercial smoke ventilation shaft systems.

Let’s take a look at some dangers of inhaling smoke.


If you have ever experienced smoke inhalation, you know that it causes a headache. Too much time outside during the rush time with smoke and air pollution around causes everyone a bad headache. This happens because not enough oxygen is reaching your brain since smoke doesn’t have enough oxygen, instead, it has items like carbon dioxide and carbon mono oxide. This is also the reason people who don’t smoke fell a little dizzy and headache when someone is smoking around them.


Smoke contains solid particles in it which is why it is classified as fumes and not vapours, these particles are not meant to be inside your body and when they come in by way of inhalation, you end up coughing. It is usually a clear sign that smoke has started to do the damage it can do to you.

Chest Pain

When there is a lot of coughing, and plus, a person has trouble acquiring enough oxygen, they start to get chest pain which can ultimately result in bloody coughing. Since the body is not getting what it needs to function, it starts to work extra hard, which also causes the pain.


Lack of oxygen, confusion, terrible breathing conditions and other things can be a bit overwhelming for some people. Fainting is usually only happening in rather extreme scenarios but some people who don’t have a tolerance for a smoke can feel weak by little smoke inhalation too.

Short Breath

Lack of oxygen also causes shortness of breath or as you may call it shallow breathing. The body needs more air that is pure so it goes into hyperventilation but since there is a shortage of oxygen, a person starts to breathe even shallower.

Red Eyes

Smoke can also go into eyes and cause swelling and redness. Having watery and burning eyes is the next stage in this situation unless you go away from the smoke.