How To Find The Balance Between Work And Fun

How To Find The Balance Between Work And Fun
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How To Find The Balance Between Work And Fun


Many peeps have jobs that are fun to do. Many others are able to find fun away from work. Unfortunately, this fun continually evades many and they often wonder if all their days must be lived like a mule, which works against powerful wealth affirmations.

The demands of work tend to be increasing and many people are never really off work. Work related mails and texts continue to come even after work time. The pressure to meet deadlines and optimize operations keeps swelling and the worker seems to have no choice other than to work more.

Fun time for many is an expensive luxury that they cannot afford. This has made stress very common and it is affecting performance. For optimum productivity, time for relaxation must be created.

Once created, caution must be exercised to find a balance and not let one topple the other. To find the balance between your work and fun, these tips may help you.

  1. Get a second cell phone: the internet and your phone are chiefly what bring work to your home and take up your spare time. Setting a limit and deciding to leave work at work could help you find that balance. Get another phone and decide to keep your work number unavailable when you are sure you want to have fun.


2. Encourage a culture of sharing at the workplace: The time for fun outside the workplace never really materialises for some people, no matter how much they try. Interestingly, enough fun may still be created at work.

Enabling a culture of sharing at the workplace, engaging in group tasks, sharing breaks, giving incentives and rewards could help add fun to work and hence a balance, way from a tendency towards much labouring.

  1. Set Limits: You still complain about much work and no time for rest probably because you have not set any limits. Recent surveys have revealed that much productivity is not always achieved by much labouring and not taking breaks.

One can only achieve marginal productivity in such states of fatigue and even despair. Setting limits to work time and keeping to them is a sure way to find time for fun. However, you must be resolute in honouring this decision.

  1. Make dates with family and friends: At times, the craving for more fun time is created by how far we have distanced ourselves from family and friends. Work tends to take us farther from them; the fun of their company is as well cut off. Making dates with family and friends is a sure way to find fun amidst all the labour.